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  1. Inter and Intra District Transfers

  2. Staff ID - Update to Allow Letters & Numbers in the ID

  3. Special Ed Import - Modify Delete Special Ed Services Data Current Year Option to Include Services that Cross Over Years

  4. Total Instructional Setting Codes to assist with Foundation School Program Application

  5. Allow Registration Date & Time to be export from Online Enrollment Pending Database  ·  Already a feature

  6. Employer Search Options

  7. Import Test Results - Update Import for 2021-22 Interim Assessment Test Parts  ·  Completed

  8. Add the Reason Leave Code to the Withdrawal Form  ·  Completed

  9. Teacher Emails for Team Teaching

  10. Online Enrollment - make certain fields required  ·  Already a feature

  11. Transcripts-Dual Enrollment Credit School-Allow to Pull from CHI vs. LOC table

  12. Add Peace Officer to the Behavioral Emergency Staff Type Dropdown  ·  Completed

  13. Course History institutions (CHI) - Add a method to "move" CHI referenced records to new CHI number

  14. CALPADS Extracts - Extract Nonbinary Gender as Code X to Match CALPADS Codes  ·  Already a feature

  15. New Report with Attendance Information Compared to Other Students

  16. Attendance Reporting Periods - Difficult to create different instructional programs

  17. Monthly Attendance Summary needs a Track and/or Program Filter.

  18. TX: Prior Year Bilingual ESL Summer School Indicator  ·  Completed

  19. Standards Based Grades - Add previous and next arrows

  20. Allow import to to ATT.ADA, ATT.ADT, and ATT.ACO for updating attendance records with all day codes from Saturday school attendance

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