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  1. Attendance Reporting Periods - Difficult to create different instructional programs

  2. Test Scores - Option to Display Test Scores by Date Without Grade Level Headings  ·  completed

  3. Oneroster v1.1 configuration needs more detailed settings.

  4. Filter Attendance Notes (view option)

  5. Attendance Letters Based on Age (Compliance) - Six year old students and older receive truancy letters

  6. Online Store - Enhance to allow editing of items even if Livingtree is down and/or has invalid data for PayPal accounts.

  7. Transcripts-Dual Enrollment Credit School-Allow to Pull from CHI vs. LOC table

  8. Add date and course information to the Summary of Students by Teacher and Period and by Course and Period Reports

  9. Allow you to filter Daily Medical Log by active/inactive status

  10. CALPADS Extracts - Extract Nonbinary Gender as Code X to Match CALPADS Codes  ·  already a feature

  11. Monthly Attendance Summary needs a Track and/or Program Filter.

  12. Add an option to email nurse staff when entries are made to medical history

  13. Parent Square Health Screening API

  14. Import Data Into Aeries for CON phone number fields do not allow import of special characters

  15. Allow teachers access to reports of students and parent portal access/viewing (times/dates)  ·  already a feature

  16. In Authorizations a check Box for the AUT.TY, AUT.ST and AUT.CD fields

  17. State Seal of Biliteracy Report needs to sort by Student Last Name instead of by Student ID

  18. Student Attendance Report Returns in an .aspx file

  19. Assertive Discipline Report that aligns with CA Dashboard

  20. Add a "pending enrollment" status that does not generate an error message

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